Agencies Increase Efficiency and Transparency with Nexelus’ Cloud Based Digital Media Planning, Buying, Billing and Payment Platform

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Nexelus launches new cloud based digital media planning, buying, billing and payment software to help agencies increase efficiency, transparency and profitability. Nexelus’ unique integrated SaaS platform automates agency workflows used to plan, buy, bill and pay clients’ digital media activity. 

New York, NY (PR WEB) June 06, 2019 -- Nexelus ( ) has launched a major release (version 12.0) of its cloud based digital media planning, buying, billing and payment platform. Nexelus’ unique integrated SaaS solution automates planning (media, commissions/fees, ad server/tech fees, other fees), buying/insertion orders, billing and payable reconciliation in one system.    


Agency processes and workflows used to plan, buy, bill and pay clients’ digital media activity are plagued by inefficiency and operational bottlenecks. Because agency data and workflows are managed in separate system silos (digital media planning/buying is separate from billing/paying/finance), agencies are forced to rely on manual processes and inefficient spreadsheets to handle the nuances and complexities of planning, buying, billing and payment of digital media.


Nexelus automates and streamlines media planning, buying, billing and payment workflows across Search, Display, Social and Programmatic advertising. Nexelus enables agency best practices and automates essential processes, including, Campaign Management, Media Authorizations/Client Sign-off, Vendor RFP, Insertion Orders, Ad Tech Integrations (Ad server, Programmatic, SEM, Social), Actual Delivery, Pacing, Budget vs. Actual, Billing, Media Payable Reconciliation, Dashboards (analytics, alerts, approvals), and Media Financials.


Nexelus’ latest offering incorporates full-cycle Google budget order and electronic invoice automation, planning and buying tool with naming conventions, estimating and reconciliation of ad serving/tech fees, billing and management of tiered/adjustable commissions/rates, single click ad server integrations (DCM, Sizmek) at various levels of detail (campaign, package, placement, ads, creative), programmatic vendor integration (The Trade Desk) to create budgets and set flights, actual delivery/review and approval, complete billing automation (prebilling, actual delivery, adjustments, reconciliation), media payable matching/reconciliation with automatic discrepancy routing, and media financials.


Nexelus is a modular SaaS solution that can be easily added to existing agency accounting systems. It is available immediately on a yearly subscription basis.


About Nexelus. Nexelus helps marketing agencies run more efficient, transparent and profitable operations. Nexelus’ cloud based platform integrates and automates agency processes across all disciplines, including, media, project management, resource planning, estimating, timesheets (including mobile), expense reports (including mobile), purchasing, studio, billing, revenue recognition, cost accounting, client and project P&L, dashboards (analytics, alerts, approvals), and financials.



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